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The Australian Regional Health Group Ltd (ARHG) was formed in 1995 by a group of health insurance funds operating in predominantly regional areas. These funds saw benefits in coming together to discuss matters of common interest, and to share and develop initiatives which provide mutual benefits for their members.

The group operates through an Executive under direction of the ARHG Board of Directors.

The primary role of ARHG is to negotiate Hospital Purchaser Provider Agreements (HPPAs) on behalf of the Group.

ARHG is also responsible for the management of a provider accreditation database of alternative therapy providers. In conjunction with alternative therapy associations, we have developed an extensive list of providers authorised to provide services that may be claimed under eligible health insurance products. The database is used by both ARHG member funds and a significant number of non-member health funds.

ARHG has a selection of online training modules available for member and non-member funds. The training modules have been designed by private health insurance funds and are customised for the private health insurance sector.

ARHG also provides a supported discharge program for our fund members. This program assists eligible health fund members to leave hospital as soon as possible by providing a range of support services in the home.

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