Alternative therapy providers – frequently asked questions

  • What is the ARHG alternative therapy database?
  • How does the provider registration process work? How do I become a registered provider?
  • What therapies are recognised in the alternative therapy database?
  • What alternative therapy associations are accredited with ARHG?
  • What health funds use the alternative therapy database?
  • How do I find out if I am a registered provider with ARHG?
  • How do I find out my ARHG provider number?
  • If I am a registered provider with ARHG, will my services be automatically approved by each health fund?
  • Do I need to include my ARHG provider number on patient receipts?
  • Do I need a different provider number for each practice address?
  • How do I advise ARHG of a change in practice address?
  • My patients are unable to process payments through the HICAPS system
  • My client's claim has been rejected
  • Can my patient claim for services not recognised by ARHG?

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