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Health fund members

Frequently asked questions for health fund members

If you are a member of one of the 30 health funds that subscribe to the ARHG Alternative Therapy Database, the following frequently asked questions will provide you with information about claims for alternative therapy services.

The ARHG Alternative Therapy Database is a list of alternative therapy providers that meet a set of accreditation standards. The database is used by 30 health funds to inform them whether alternative therapy providers are appropriately trained and qualified to provide services to their health fund members. The health funds use the database, in conjunction with the wording of the fund member’s policy, to determine if claims for alternative therapy services can be paid.

Please click here to see a list of the health funds that subscribe to the ARHG Alternative Therapy Database.

Please click here for a list of the therapies currently recognised by ARHG.

Not necessarily. Not all therapies recognised by ARHG are covered by all health funds. Some health funds pay benefits for alternative therapies not recognised by ARHG. Check with your health fund to find out what you are covered for.

ARHG does not have any involvement with HICAPS. Each health fund has its own policy regarding services that can be claimed through the HICAPS service. Contact your health fund to find out what services they provide through HICAPS.

Your policy may not cover you for the alternative therapy you have claimed, or your provider may not be recognised by ARHG. Contact your health fund for further information.

ARHG is unable to search for providers based on location, so you will need to contact your health fund directly for this information.

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