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QualiPHI online learning

QualiPHI online learning

QualiPHI is an online learning solution created specifically for the private health insurance industry

QualiPHI offers a comprehensive suite of private health insurance-specific training, delivered through an interactive and dynamic learning management system.

Each course has been developed by a group of industry specialists and trainers in response to demand from within their own private health funds.

Use the courses to build the capability and skills of your existing workforce, or to ensure new employees get the start they need in induction or onboarding programs.

Courses for private health funds

We offer three types of courses for private health funds:

Private health insurance fundamental courses

Our fundamental courses help learners understand the information, legislation and concepts that underpin the private health insurance industry. These are short courses, designed to be completed in two hours or less.

Workplace legislation courses

Our workplace legislation courses introduce participants to some of the legislation and regulations that apply to Australian workplaces, with a focus on how they apply in the private health fund environment. These courses take approximately one hour.

Private health insurance extended courses

Our extended courses give learners comprehensive training in a range of private health insurance-related topics and skills. These courses are self-paced, and designed to take the learner approximately three months to complete.

For more information, see our course catalogue.

Training for providers

We know that as a healthcare provider, you simply want your patients to be able to claim benefits for your services.

But understanding how private health insurance works, and what you need to do can be confusing.

That’s why we created two online courses specifically for alternative therapy providers.

You can complete each course individually, or you can purchase both with our Alternative therapy provider package. The courses are offered through our online training platform QualiPHI. If you are a member of a professional Association, you may be eligible to receive CPE points.

Alternative therapy providers and private health insurance

This course has been designed to help providers understand the private health insurance industry, and how clients can claim for their services.

Private health insurance audits

This course has been created to guide alternative therapy providers through the two types of private health insurance audits they might be subject to: provider number audits and servicing audits.

Alternative therapy provider package

Get access to both our courses for 20% off the full-price cost.

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